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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thor Legends of Valhalla 720p Free Movie Download

         Thor Legends of Valhalla (2011) Free BDRip 720p HD Movie Download | Size:- 581 MB


Source:- Brrip XviD
Subtitles:- The English Dub
Video quality:- BDRip 720 p
Time:- 77 min
Genre:- The Epic Adventure
Year of Publication:- 2011
File Size:- 581 MB
Directed by:- Óskar Jónasson
              "Rated 4 of 10"



Legends of Valhalla: Thor(in some countries known as Thor: Legend of the Magical Hammer) offers some fun and tough characters, nice animation and a story with potential, but the comedy is too slapstick-y cheap. It may work on the kids the film is intended for (I would guess 7 to 12 year olds) but for genre fans and general audiences there is little in the story or in the jokes that keep the movie interesting for long periods of time. Vikings and their gods are always interesting as such, and in fact that is what saves the film; if nothing else, you get a little insight into Norse mythology, although the film isn’t a factual history lesson (those Valhalla houses, for example, look more Medieval than Viking). The most innovative part about the film is how sacrifices to the gods work, a little side-story that, considering it is the only surprise here, says much about the rest of the film.

As a genre entry, even taking the intended audience in mind, Legends of Valhalla: Thor is nothing spectacular, innovative or cross-reaching. What it is though, is a run-of-the-mill fantasy adventure, set in a time and in places that in themselves are attractive enough to keep children entertained. Legends of Valhalla: Thor lands on its feet, but earns no points for elegance.


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